Living In Seoul

Welcome to “Living In Seoul,” the vibrant tapestry of a young dreamer’s odyssey through the heart of one of Asia’s most pulsating metropolises—Seoul. Here, each scroll is an invitation to wander through rich narratives and vivid vignettes, all chronicling the trials, triumphs, and transformations of a spirited life amidst the city’s soaring skyscrapers and serene temples.

As you navigate through tales spun with both words and the cinematic embrace of video, anticipate a kaleidoscope of content—each piece a thread in the ever-evolving quilt of this city’s story as seen through my eyes. Don’t just read; watch, listen, and grow with me. And for those who crave the pulse of updates in real-time, our social media channels are the bridges connecting you to the latest chapters of this journey.

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“In the heartbeat of Seoul, every step is a new story, every encounter a lesson etched in the soul.”

Giordana Orban